Renowned for the abundance of lion, the Great Wildebeest Migration and the Maasai people, well known for their distinctive custom and dress, the Masai Mara is without a doubt Africa’s most famous safari destination.

In effect an extension of the northern plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania (for the border dissects the two), open savannahs, rolling grasslands and undulating hills sets the scene for spectacular game viewing.

From June to mid-November witness the arrival of millions of wildebeest and zebra drawn to the sweet, lush grass raised by the long rains of April and May. Ravening packs of predators, especially hyena and lion, follow the herds whilst cunning crocodiles lie in wait to ambush the migration as it crosses the swirling muddy waters of the Mara and Talek rivers.

Whilst the eyes feast on the spectacle of plains teeming with game, the air carries the smells, the dust and the sounds of hundreds of thousands of animals.

It is however not just during the months of the migration when safari enthusiasts should visit the Masai Mara for there is an abundance of resident game all year round.

Whether it be on foot, by vehicle or floating silently above the savannah in a hot air balloon, first class wildlife viewing is always guaranteed.