If your concept of luxury safari is based on plunge pools, spas, fancy lighting, marble in the bathrooms, WIFI in the wilderness and the associated unsustainable uses of generators and of water (the scarcest resource in Africa), Campi ya Kanzi is NOT the product for you.

Campi ya Kanzi believe in a different type of luxury: a gin and tonic on a lookout hill in front of Kilimanjaro, with your Maasai tracker, in 283,000 acres of wilderness all for yourself .

Situated at the foot of the legendary Chyulu Hills, Ernest Hemingway’s "Green Hills of Africa," it is a luxury camp offering an incomparable combination of 5-star luxury, first class wilderness adventure, amazing wildlife, and authentic immersion in Maasai culture. This is truly the ultimate African safari.

This luxury lodge has been built in partnership with the Maasai community of the 283,000-acre Kuku Group Ranch. Six luxury tented cottages and two luxury tented suites offer comfort and charm in the midst of pristine wilderness. Each tent has a distinct name and character, unique artwork, and a different view of the surroundings.  Constructed from canvas, stone, and wood, all tents have been handcrafted on site by the  skilled Kenyan staff. 

Campi ya Kanzi has a unique commitment to community development and environmental sustainability: they are leaders in real ecotourism, engaging the local Maasai in benefiting from wilderness with thriving wildlife.

The main goal of Campi ya Kanzi is to protect the land of the Maasai; 283,000 acres of Kuku Group Ranch, to enable the Maasai community to keep living according to their traditions, if they so wish. Your visit to Campi ya Kanzi contributes tremendously to achieving this goal.

In front of Kilimanjaro, with a Maasai warrior taking you on safari, among elephants and lions, you will experience your dream African adventure.