Encompassing Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, the region of Australasia is as well known for its iconic landmarks as its undiscovered tribes and untouched habitats.

Discover active volcanoes and towering mountains, island sanctuaries, a magnificent coastline, sprawling farmlands, natural landscapes and geothermal wonders where Maori culture is rich and ever-present in many parts throughout New Zealand.

Explore the striking natural beauty and myriad complex cultures in Papua New Guinea, offering some riveting and truly life-affirming experiences. Snatch a glimpse of the fascinating tribal cultures, or enjoy idyllic reefs, fauna and flora unique to the area.

Australia boasts a diverse landscape, perfect beaches, islands and vibrant cities. Track animals with Aboriginal elders, snorkel in the crystal clear waters, watch cattle being mustered by helicopter and enjoy breakfast on a 2000 foot escarpment hundreds of miles from habitation...