Latin America is hugely diverse with 14 countries offering a myriad of adventures for all types of travellers.

Patagonian glaciers, Andean peaks, Amazon rainforest, vast deserts, amazing beaches and colonial towns… with landscapes such as these, there aren’t many places on earth that offer so many opportunities.

Travel to Latin America and experience a magical medley of influences, from the mysteries of the Incas, Mayas and Aztecs to the vibrant mix of European, African and Asian cultures.

Also host to some of the world’s most staggering natural attractions, Chile's Atacama Desert and Argentina's Iguassu Falls to name just two, Latin America is also deeply steeped in history. Take a sunrise stroll through the famous Machu Picchu in Peru or visit the beautiful city of Sucre in Bolivia, bursting with centuries old architecture and museums filled with colonial artwork.

You will also be spoilt for choice on outdoor adventures. Conquer magnificent glaciers, trek through Amazonian rainforets, kayak on crystalline lakes, discover Patagonia by horseback or embark on a cruise around Ecuador's Galapagos Islands for some enriching wildlife experiences.

Whatever your persuasion, Latin America is guaranteed to offer a wide range of thrilling experiences for all tastes and interests.