Seat yourself comfortably in the saddle and ride out on an exhilarating horseback adventure across the plains of Africa or the outback of Australia...

Venture off the beaten track on a ride through the Masai Mara, gallop through the floodwaters of the Okavango Delta or take a guide and set out to explore the cattle stations of  ‘way out back Australia’, perhaps even trying your hand at mustering the livestock.

Picture yourself cantering alongside giraffe and elephant on safari, your horse allowing you to get closer to the action than you otherwise would by vehicle or by foot, whilst also gaining access to remote areas of wilderness untouched by the wheels of a car.

Whether you are a keen rider or a complete novice we offer plenty of different opportunities to enjoy your holiday on horseback but each and every guest will be safe in the knowledge that the horses ridden are well bred and well cared for, the tack will be of the highest standard and the guiding second to none.