Argentina is the second largest country in South America and offers a wealth of experiences.

Buenos Aires, with its air of sophistication and European-style architecture, is the starting point of most trips to Argentina. Elegant boulevards, chic boutiques and tango halls make for an interesting contrast to the surrounding expanse of rolling plains of The Pampas, the sierras of Cordoba and the winelands in Mendoza, which sit at the foothills of The Andes.

Venture south of Buenos Aires into Patagonia and you will be spoilt for choice on outdoor adventures. Magnificent glaciers, snow-capped Andes, crystalline lakes and huge expanses of  unspoilt wilderness right down to Tierra del Fuego, offer a wide range of thrilling experiences.

In the north, subtropical jungle, giant waterfalls, massive wetlands are a haven for wildlife and a twitchers paradise!

To the north west, something totally different…touches of indigenous cultures, an extraordinary range of multi-coloured landscapes and vast salt plains. This region is best explored by car and allows you to get away from any popular tourist trails.

You can visit Argentina all year round…October to March (Spring and Summer) is the best season for Patagonia, Whale Watching, Fly Fishing, Riding, Andes Adventures, Polo and the Wine Region. March to September (Autumn and Winter) is best for exploring the landscapes of Northern Argentina and The Wetlands. Buenos Aires is fun anytime of year!

Argentina has a bit of everything… Sea, mountains, lakes, jungle, The Andes, winelands, estancias, glaciers & cultural cities, so it’s an ideal destination for most travellers. Distances between regions are large so you must be prepared to take internal flights. Accommodation options are plentiful from charming boutique hotels and lodges, traditional estancias to larger luxury chain hotels so there is a good choice for everyone.